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Surveillance Service Coventry

Including Leamington Spa, Warwick, Nuneaton, Stratford Upon Avon, Rugby, Daventry, Keniworth, Bedworth, Studley, Alcester and surrounding Coventry area.

At Tracers, our Surveillance Operatives have all been practitioners in the art of surveillance with the police, security services or the military. The company ethics are such that surveillance is only carried out using Human Rights and Regulation of Investigatory Powers legislation as a best practice model. This minimises the risk to the client of any possible future embarrassment or legal redress regarding breaches of privacy or legality.

The use of surveillance often plays a major part in the investigation of fraud, corruption and industrial espionage, amongst many other aspects of criminality. It is also sometimes invaluable in matters arising from domestic unrest.

Tracers' surveillance teams will follow subjects covertly and gather evidence or intelligence using photographic equipment and other tools including covert video, voice recording and communication systems. All evidence obtained is then given to the client in a fully audited format suitable for presentation in any legal or tribunal proceedings.

Tracers also deal with the supply and installation of covert cameras and audio equipment within client premises where necessary.

About Tracers Investigation Services


Tracers Investigation and Tracing offer investigation services in domestic, fraud and insurance enquiries, surveillance, people tracing, covert device detection, document or process service, training and advanced drivers (chauffeurs).

Whether you are an individual who has suffered such occurrences as matrimonial breakdown, harassment or unpaid debt, corporate bodies who are the victim of fraud or solicitors or lawyers requiring support, Tracers can assist.


Whether an individual or corporate client each assignment is treated with equal importance and prospective clients can call for a personal, confidential and free consultation without obligation.

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